The Ireland Funds COVID-19 Response Fund

As the world faces the unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Ireland Funds is coming alongside the organizations we support with aid for immediate and long-term needs.

100% of your gift goes to where it's most needed.

Funding is now being delivered to key nonprofits.

We are not just a global diaspora, we are truly a global family.

The Ireland Funds COVID-19 Response Fund

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The Response

The COVID-19 pandemic is proving devastating to nonprofit organizations across the island of Ireland. The key services they provide to Ireland’s communities have never been more vital. Yet organizations are facing limited resources and collapsing fundraising streams as they strive to deliver. For some, this crisis is challenging not only their reach, but their very existence.


100% of every gift goes directly to outstanding organizations serving the greatest needs across the island of Ireland. The Ireland Funds’ expertise and insight into the nonprofit sector ensures that all gifts are used where the need is the greatest.

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The Ireland Funds COVID-19 Response Fund has identified the following priority areas: 
  • Food and Food Distribution
  • Disability Support
  • Domestic & Child Abuse (Family Support)
  • Elderly Services
  • Access to Education
  • Mental Health
  • Community Support
The Ireland Funds COVID-19 Response Fund is proud to support the work of these outstanding organizations:

174 Trust, Alone, AsIAm, Barnardos, COPE Galway, DePaul, The National College of Ireland Early Learning Initiative, Fighting Words Northern Ireland, FoodCloud, Good Shepherd Cork, Irish Men’s Sheds, Irish Wheelchair Association, Jigsaw, Learning Hub Limerick, Making Connections, MyMind, Safe Ireland, Tech2Students.

Make a Gift to support much-needed services to communities across Ireland.
100% of your gift goes directly to outstanding organizations.

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Examples of Impact

The following organizations are examples of how The Ireland Funds COVID-19 Response Fund is now at work on the ground:

174 Trust in Belfast has pivoted its cross-community services and is now serving as a food-hub to the local neighborhood. Support is now ensuring that 174 Trust can safely deliver meals each week to hundreds of vulnerable people in the community.

“THANK YOU to your Donors. The support helps ensure we can continue operating the food hub that’s currently helping in excess of 350 families every week as the crisis continues. Thanks to The Ireland Funds for helping us keep the doors open!”
– Rev. Bill Shaw of the 174 Trust

Alone coordinates the care and support of all older people in Ireland. The Ireland Funds COVID-19 Response Fund is helping meet the cost of training and vetting volunteers to ensure that the 1,100 daily calls to its hotline can be answered and older people in need can be helped.

2000+ people have remotely accessed AsIAm programs since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Support is ensuring that it can continue to innovate to effectively support members of the autism community.

Barnardos is currently working with over 1,500 families affected by domestic abuse, mental health challenges, addiction and homelessness. Support is delivering crisis services, safety planning for those faced with domestic abuse, food parcels, diapers and other essential items.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, COPE Galway has seen the demand for its meals program increase by 100%. Support is providing meals to older people in the community and much-needed services to those affected by homelessness and domestic abuse.

DePaul cares for Ireland’s homeless population many of whom are at high risk for COVID-19. Support from The Ireland Funds COVID-19 Response Fund is helping provide hundreds of beds each night that safely adhere to social distancing. Support is also providing medical equipment to care for this vulnerable community.

Support for The Early Learning Initiative (ELI) of the National College of Ireland is providing remote home visits, activity packs and materials to 300 educationally-disadvantaged children and their families to create a positive home learning environment during the COVID-19 crisis.

Closure of schools in Northern Ireland has forced Fighting Words Northern Ireland to adapt the delivery of all its creative writing programs. Support is providing for staff members who will directly help young people make sense of their experiences of this quarantine through the most compelling and human act of writing stories.

Food distribution is facing unprecedented challenges. Support for FoodCloud is helping continue delivery of food to 500+ charity partners across Ireland.

Good Shepherd Cork provides emergency shelter and services to families in crisis. Support is helping up to 100 families with safe accommodation, tablets for homeless children to access education, and other emergency supplies.

Irish Men’s Sheds Association provides critical social and supportive environments. All 450 sheds have now closed following the Government’s instructions but they are pivoting to keep members in touch with one another using technology. They have also launched an island-wide #CallThemForACuppa campaign to encourage public to phone those socially isolated during COVID-19. Support is ensuring that the program will exist once the pandemic is over and social isolation will not once again become the norm for many users.

Irish Wheelchair Association serves over 4,000 people a week. Essential services of food shopping, filling of prescriptions and vital daily care are still being provided. Support is purchasing Personal Protective Equipment to ensure that frontline staff and medically vulnerable users are protected while still receiving vital care.

COVID-19 has exacerbated the long-existing youth mental health crisis in Ireland. Support is enabling Jigsaw to meet the rising costs of their digital resources which ensure that any young person, parent or teacher in Ireland can turn to Jigsaw as a resource.

Support from The Ireland Funds COVID-19 Response Fund is helping Learning Hub Limerick pivot to deliver its educational and mentorship programs in a secure, child-friendly and safe online environment. Hundreds of families, many deeply disadvantaged, are benefitting.

Support for Making Connections is helping ensure that those most at risk/ living alone are supported during the COVID-19 crisis. It has mobilized 100 volunteers to provide shopping, offer emotional support and monitor phone lines for older people in need. Nutritious, hot meals are provided 6x a week for older people and those with underlying health conditions.

MyMind has almost 2,000 clients who rely on its mental health counseling services. Support is improving and delivering online counseling at a time when face-to-face counseling can no longer be provided. It is anticipated that these improvements will be of great benefit even after the pandemic is over.

Support for SAFE Ireland is providing for the immediate needs of 150 women and children experiencing domestic violence including food, basic supplies, accommodation and other to keep women and children safe in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.

Education is not being accessed by many of Ireland’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged students due to lack of technology at home. Support for Tech2Students – a collaboration between Trinity Access Program & Camara Ireland – is providing computers and software to ensure all students can continue their education during these challenging times.


This is an extraordinary opportunity for donors to support pressing needs, while also striving to ensure the longer-term provision of services. We encourage donors and corporations to contact us to discuss tailored opportunities for impact.

Make a Gift to support much-needed services to communities across Ireland.
100% of your gift goes directly to organizations making a significant impact.

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We thank our friends for coming together to care for Ireland at this incredibly challenging time.